ICOM- IGAP is an International Company based in Cisterna di Latina, Italy, dedicated to the promotion and distribution of ICOM product all around the world, with an affiliate Company based in North America, Detroit, named ICOM N.A.


     It is a leader manufacturing company in the LPG market, with its variety of high-quality and excellent performance products and more than 25 years leading experience in the design of automotive LPG complete systems, from the tank to the complete kits. 


     The invention of the toroidal tank (to be mounted in the spare-wheel area) belongs to ICOM, thanks to the efforts of the Top Management and especially of the Company Runner, Mr Luciano Cippitani who invented it in 1986.


In 2004 ICOM launched the liquid injection system for cars (JTG). With this system,

on LPG mode, is the car ECU that drives directly the LPG injectors. 


     We want to stress the importance of our last projects, beyond the above mentioned, specifically for Direct Injection Cars and JTG-Diesel.  

     Direct injection cars conversion was first developed in 2007, presented in the Lipsia and Automechanika Fair in 2008  and commercialized in Germany since 2008 and in Italy since January 2011.


     The conversion to LPG of direct injection engines has been designed according to ICOM philosophy which uses the original petrol high pressure system, so that the LPG direct injection is also possible in LPG mode.

     The heart of the system is a distributor the function of which is to send the selected fuel to the high pressure pump inlet.


The cars converted with direct injection ICOM JTG/HP start directly on LPG.

     Among our future, potential development systems, we want to underline the importance of JTG-D (JTG Diesel ) project which is at the moment under testing phase and specifically oriented on Trucks (German “Mann” and “DAF”, French “Renault” and American-Canadian “International Engine”).


     It is a direct injection system of Diesel and LPG mixture dedicated to heavy industrial vehicles. Main advantages of JTG-D are:

-        an economic saving on fuel used;

-        a 20% reduction of carbon dioxide, in respect of our company environment-oriented policy for the pollution prevention

-        a 50% reduction on particle 

We want to underline that JTG-D is a “on-going” reality, under expansion, which currently follows Drive test on above mentioned trucks in US and Italy.